80th Anniversary (1933- 2013)

In 1919, a 14-year-old boy arrived alone by boat at the port of Buenos Aires. He was the Italian José Eduardo Crotta, born on June 1, 1905, in a village called “La Crotta”, in the region of Lombardy, in the province of Pavia. His family consisted of his parents, who were farmers, and five brothers, of whom he was the youngest.

In “La Crotta”, the family had an orchard at 800 meters above sea level, but vineyards did not thrive there. It was in this place where he lived his early years until the beginning of his adolescence when, due to the difficulties of the First World War, he decided to sail towards the south of America.

In this way, José Eduardo came to Buenos Aires. His story is the same story of thousands of Italian immigrants who arrived in Argentina at the end of the XIXth and beginning of the XXth centuries. Many of them came with their farmer knowledge, as well as with their consumer culture -wine was their companion in all meals-, and wrote the history of Argentine wine.
It was in the 30’s, and as part of a project he designed with his wife, the Austrian Wilhelmina Ritz -who in Argentina was called Guillermina-, when José Eduardo decided to set up his own winery in the capital of Argentine wine: the province of Mendoza. They saw the opportunity and bought a small winery located to the east of the city of Mendoza, in a department called San Martín.

This is how José and Guillermina decided to make their own wines, those wines which, like their children, would take the family name.

The winery and its vineyards are still in their descendants’ hands. Their grandchildren Claudia, Carlos and Carolina continue producing wines of the highest quality, upholding the tradition and prestige which has been achieved during long years of effort and dedication, and always attentive to the new trends of the vine-growing and wine-making industry. In spite of its European origin, the Crotta family has deeply been committed to making wines with the identity of the land which adopted them.
Today the winery remains renowned for its fortified wines such as Moscato”, “Port”, “Marsala”, and “Mistela”, but it has also gained reputation for its still wines, both in their varietal and bi-varietal lines. Its late harvest wine -which was given the name Tarde is a tribute to the golden autumn afternoons of Mendoza.

“Today we can assert that we who make the wines of Bodegas y Viñedos Crotta hold in our spirit a great pride for being part of the history of our National Drink”.

Carlos Eduardo Crotta
Bodegas y Viñedos Crotta